" It seems that half of the trouble is gone just by interacting with the doctor for a few mins. Dr. Rohan is very friendly with children and boosts their confidence regarding the treatment no matter how complicated and tedious it is. Moreover the environment of the clinic is very child friendly which is an extra advantage to make the child fearless for the treatment. Wishing 'All for small' a very good luck."

Megha Mutha

"I came here after consulting a few dentists. To my surprise, we had to do 5 root canals and a few fillings. But Dr. Rohan treated and made my child very comfortable throughout the treatment. Earlier scared, now she loves coming here. Thanks to Dr. Rohan's patience and amazing way of treating. God bless you."

Sapna Seth

"Very good. My daughter Soumya loved the clinic. Treatment done was good. Satisfied to visit this clinic."

Sonali Bangale

"Happy to Consult and very good treatment."

Aditya Pall

"Too Good and smiley treatment."

Mahesh Patil

"Convinced and satisfied."

Santosh Sinha

" Pleasantly surprised to know about this unique clinic for kiddos. Great introducing them to the importance of oral hygiene. Dr. Rohan Shah has an innate quality of connecting with kids and makes them feel comfortable. Keep up the good work doc. God Bless."

Sandeep Shalla

"Happy to have such an expertise/equipment & experience in the locality. Parents would be very satisfied to treat their kids under Dr. Rohan's good care."

Vaibhav S. Rupade

"Happy to consult here. Dr. Rohan is very co-operative and handles children very well."

Vaishnavi Kamat

"Too Good. Absolute painless treatment !!!"

Mohan Bilaal Nallchande

"How a child specialist can make a difference is what we learned after treating our child under Dr. Rohan. We would surly visit again and recommend 'All for small dental clinic' to all our friends."

Areeba Imtiaz Shaikh

"My daughter Sarah had serious cavities in her tooth and on our very first visit Dr Rohan Shah made Sarah comfortable and befriended her. He explained the various procedures (RCT, Extractions & fillings) she would undergo in an extremely calm manner using pictures as a result we did not miss a single appointment. Dr Shah is well equipped in his knowledge, holds the expertise, is dedicated and has clear intentions to help eradicate decays and problems of tooth and see's that the treatment is smooth, interactive and enjoyable not only for the child but for the parents too. I found his fees extremely reasonable for the time, precision, attention and treatment he offered. I wished, he could treat us elders too."

Wafia Masih

"Dr. Rohan demonstrates competency in caring for patients. It is a great relief as a parent to know that your son who is 7 years old loves coming to your office and seeing Dr. Rohan and the staff. All for Small is a safe and therapeutic patient environment and I would highly recommend this office. Thank you Dr. Rohan Shah and staff!"

Gaurav Gupta

Dr. Rohan is by far the best doctor for my kids. Tried many other clinic but All for Small is the best !!!

Rahul Trivedi

My kids just love to come here. Watch cartoons and enjoy the treatment. Great work Dr. Shah !

Monish Jha

Excellent Clinic, Doctor & staff..!

Rashmi Patil

Rightly said .. Happy kids.. Happy Doctors ... Happy Parents :)

Vandana Garol

Handled my stubborn daughter very well :)

Suhasini Shah

Good Handling and skilled work.


Treated very carefully. Very good Doctor. My son also praised him.

Bhayari Chaudhary

Treated my son very well and also handled my daughter with patience and care. Thank you.

Himani & Shivansh Agarwal

Excellent Service.

Neha Singh

Excellent and Superb doctor.

Khadija Khan

Very much satisfied with the treatment. The best part is reminder message & also the hospitality and greeting by Shreya. Thank you :)

Ruba Pathan

Right and best treatement given by Dr. Rohan. Thank you :)

Anant Pasalkar

Gentle, Handled with utmost care. Definately worth a visit.

Nozer Gandhi

Doctor is very good. Very nicely treated and explained everything related to what they are doing and for what reasons. Delightful Experience.

Medha Anish Kulkarni

It was a nice experience for my kid. Would surely recommend to other friends.


Doctor is very good and patient. His treatment was good and makes kids comfortable. We feel convinced and satisfied.

Sonika Jain

Very good experience. Doctor is very friendly. He works very well and equipments are very nice. Happy to come here and satisfied with this clinic.

Ayesha Shaikh

Very Good experience. The doctor is patient and friendly. Very happy with the visit.

Mrs. Parul Solanki

The doctor is very friendly and makes the kids feel comfortable. My daughter was happy coming here.

Deepti S.

Treatment was very good. Satisfied after visiting this clinic. Special thanks to Dr. Rohan for such a nice and comfortable treatment.

Sanavi Shirurkar

Thank you Dr. Rohan :)

Mansi Engineer

Very good experience and atmosphere. Happy with the results.

Payal Pandye

Great job doc !!! Made coming to the dentist a fun time for my son. Thank you for the awesome service and hats off to your patience.


Thanks for explaining the importance of Flourine application. Also thanks for making my dental treatment fast, smooth and painless.


Very satisfied. My sons treatement was done very nicely in a friendly way. Thank You !!!

Dhaval Soni

Friendly nature and the docor is very experienced in dealing with kids nicely and politely. Thanks :)

Vineetan Kumar

Nice Doctor & Friendly nature. Thanks.

Rekha Tushar Wanawe

Entire treatment was done very meticulously. Utmost care was taken during the sessions to keep the pain minimum. Thanks !!

Amol Satarkar

Good treatment. Nice atmosphere for my dear child. Keep going !!

Taksheel Bhorde

The treatment was done keeping in mind my sons comfort. The doc tried to calm him for the root canal treatment. All in all a good experience.

Dr. Sofia Mathew

Very happy with the treatment. Thank you.

Neelam Agarwal

Nice first time experience with Dr. Shah for dental treatment. He is very caring and supportive with my child. Thank you doctor.

Nayan Dekhane

Very Good. Dr. Rohan Shah is very caring and all treatment was done very nicely. Thank You :)

Sandhya Ghumare

It was a great experience to see Dr. Rohan for checkup for both of my kids. He explained the cleaning process very well. Ambience of clinic is attractive and doc is friendly. I would definitely recommend Dr. Rohan to my friends. Thanks & Best wishes Dr. Rohan.

Anupam Chauhan

Very very good doctor and he handled my child carefully. I am happy to treat my child under Dr. Rohan's care. Thank you Doctor.

Santosh Pardeshi

Good Ambience and clinic. Impressive techniques to make friends with kids. Informative.

Tushar C.

Good treatment. Nice ambience for kids..!!!

Neha Sethiya

Thanks a ton for very efficient & correct treatment.

Rutuja Deshpande

Good treatment. Nice atmosphere for my dear child. Keep going !!

Taksheel Bhorde

Very Good atmosphere and service. Happy with the results.

Payal Pandye

Great job doc !! Made coming to the dentist a fun time for my son. Thank you for your service and hats off to your patience.


It was a great experience coming to this clinic. My son was actually looking forward to the dentist visit :)

Parvez Pathan

Good. Very good experience. Doc is very caring and excellent with kids.

Pradnya Patil

Good treatment. Very good doc for kids !!

Areesha Ansari

Very good doctor. My experience has been good & i am satisfied !!


It was a very good experience.. Kids friendly atmosphere. Nice doctor. Great Job. Keep it up.

Tiyanna Jinish

Good treatment and great doctor. My kids enjoyed the treatment.

Vinay Dwivedi

Very good experience. We never knew the treatment would be so easy and painfree. Very kids friendly doctor and staff.

Veena Ramnani

Excellent doctor. Treated my daughter very nicely. Really thankful to Dr. Rohan.


Overall experience has been very good.

D. Dutta

Friendly and very co-operative nature of doctor. Good. Keep it up.

Kiran Shetty

It was a very good experience. Thanks to Dr. Rohan Shah.

Tasneem Chopdawala

Nice Experience. Loved the clinic.

Khushi Kothari

It was a great experience. Kids friendly atmosphere.

Swapna Shah

It was a great experience. All queries were handled patiently and effectively.

Monika Vaidya

Very good experience. Doctor explained the treatment in detail. Kid friendly and doc handled my kid very well. Good ambience. Overall very happy :)

Hemant Kulkarni

Excellent Service.

Neha Singh

Excellent & superb.

Khalija Khan

Very much satisfied with the treatment. And the best part is reminder message, hospitality & greeting by Shreya. Thank you :)

Ruba Pathan

Very good and precise treatment. Excellent Doctor. Thank you.

Anant Pasalkar